UN Picks POSCO’s ‘STEEL VILLAGE’ as Sustainable Development Goals
UN Picks POSCO’s ‘STEEL VILLAGE’ as Sustainable Development Goals
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  • Date 2018.04.12 01:22
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POSCO's STEEL VILLAGE project was named the Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations at its 51st Conference of the UN Population Development Division held in New York on April 11, local time, and the written statement was officially adopted thereof.

STEEL VILLAGE project stands for its chief activity that contributes to the society providing houses or bridges associated with steel materials and construction engineering technology by POSCO Group to the inhabitants who live in desperate circumstances across the globe.

The fact that POSCO Steel Village project was adopted as the written statement of the United Nations for the pivotal model of the UN sustainable development goals is highly assessed for POSCO’s efforts to contribute to the resolution of the world’s housing deprivation following the official registration earlier as the excellent model of the United Nations sustainable development goals in November 2017. The UN is supposed to recommend POSCO’s Steel village project to its 193 state members as the model case and the written statement is translated into three languages of English, French and Spanish and will be kept permanently.

POSCO CEO & chairman Kwon Oh-joon evaluated the UN’s adoption of the written statement as the fruits of POSCO’s labors retaining the value of the company as the social value in order to realize its social responsibility pursued over the fifty years last and vowed to sustain its social contribution activities toward a better world including joining the UN’s sustainable development goals.

Meanwhile, the UN Population Development Division under the Economic and Social Council attended by minister-level representatives from 47 member-states has adopted another 20 agenda this year discussing the e-Health system pertinent to the anti-migration policy and supply of information that is needed for women’s health.


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