US Imposes Antidumping Duties on Korean Forging Parts 
US Imposes Antidumping Duties on Korean Forging Parts 
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  • Date 2024.03.30 16:04
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US Commerce Department released its final determination on March 21 to impose antidumping duties against Korean forging parts with respect to the 2021~2022 review period, in accordance with the request filed by Bonny Forger Corporations and other petitioners in 2019 which alleged that the industry was materially injured by unfair trading practices. The products subject to the antidumping duties include 7307.92.3010, 7307.92.3030, 7307.92.9000, 7307.93.3010, 7307.99.1000, 7307.99.3000, 7307.99.5045, 7307.99.5060, and 7326.19.0010 based on the US HA codes. The original investigation was finally decided four years ago by the International Trade Commission that confirmed the material injury by the dumping practices and therewith, the Korean industry was taxed by the antidumping duties which were 198.38 percent at highest on 6 companies consisted of Sandong Metal Industries, ZEOtech, Pusan Coupling, Shinchang Industries, Shinwoo Tech Hankuk Titus Industrial while all others including Samyoung Fitting were subject to 17.08 percent duties rate. The administrative review in question this time was carried out for the entry reported between December 1, 2021 through November 30, 2022. 

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