Doosan Recycling Solution Expands Cooperation with Battery Recycling Raw Material Suppliers 
Doosan Recycling Solution Expands Cooperation with Battery Recycling Raw Material Suppliers 
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  • Date 2024.03.30 15:50
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Doosan Recycling Solution, a sister of Doosan Enerbility, moves out to extend its business relationship with battery recycling raw material suppliers to sign off on the Framework Agreement with World No.1 precursor producer, CNGR of China, the company spokesman said March 29. The signing ceremony was held March 28 in Frankfurt, Germany in which Doosan Recycling Solution CEO Choi Jae-hyuk and CNGR CEO Baik Joon-hyub participated as in the photograph. The precursor is the core material to produce cathode which is the second battery material, breaking down NCM(nickel, cobalt and manganese), NCA(nickel, cobalt and aluminum), and NCMA(nickel, cobalt manganese and aluminum). As agreed this time, CNGR is supposed to offer the second battery waste fine which included lithium, nickel, cobalt and manganese to Doosan Recycling Solution, which returns waste NCM raw material to CNGR after collecting lithium from the waste fine. The lithium collecting technology which has been developed by Doosan Recycling Solution itself accounts for the process to collect lithium hydroxide or lithium carbonate after extracting lithium from the secondary battery waste fine by heat treatment and adding pure water. This is evaluated for higher eco-friendly process enabling to increase lithium purity of more than 99.5 percent and return rate by past 85 percent without agenting any chemicals. Doosan Recycling Solution plans to begin commercial collection of lithium beginning 2026 by way of treating 3,000 tons raw materials after completing production facility in Daegu-based national industrial complex no later than the next year. 

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