US Energy Department Provides $6B Net Zero Policy Subsidy 
US Energy Department Provides $6B Net Zero Policy Subsidy 
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  • Date 2024.03.26 14:44
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The Biden administration announced March 25 its Energy Department will provide the government subsidies worth $6.0 billion maximum towards 33 net zero policies which are underway in more than twenty states targeting to generate quality jobs, activate industries and increase national competitiveness together. The net zero government subsidy is supposed to provide 6 steel projects and 5 aluminum & metal ones respectively. With respect to the steel subsidies, the government assistance will be used for R&D activities to be planned on the clean energy and direct reduce ironmaking facilities which will help decarbonize and erase step by step at the end the carbon emitting ironmaking process from the United States. US integrated mill, Cleveland Cliffs, is expected to receive a maximum $500 million government subsidies to transform into the hydrogen and electric smelting furnaces. 

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