KOSA Sets Up its Supplementing Unit - Steel Slag Committee 
KOSA Sets Up its Supplementing Unit - Steel Slag Committee 
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  • Date 2024.03.01 12:59
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Korea Iron and Steel Association(KOSA) has established its sub-organization of Steel Slag Committee with 20 member companies including POSCO and slag recyclers and the Committee elected POSCO managing director Cho Kyung-suk as its first chairperson, delivered February 29 the KOSA climate, environment & safety department.  

Steel slag is a chief byproduct generating in the course of steel production accounting for about 90 percent of the entire byproduct outlet. Steel slag is widely recycled due to its high quality of recycling materials contributing to environment protection and replacing natural resources as well, KOSA explained. Thus, the Korean government strengthens waste materials to promote the circulating use and spread out across the industrial sectors and reveals the new growth-led industrial strategy focusing thereupon, KOSA said.

The Steel Slag Committee will launch its first work annexed to the Korea Iron and Steel Association to meet higher expectations for the steel slag recycling while aiming for high quality steel slag through deep R&D activities, thereby creating new demand and improving its environmental image as well as operating a field-oriented management that can be free of extreme regulation, KOSA added.       

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