Australia Surges Fe-Scrap Export Albeit Demand for Tailor 
Australia Surges Fe-Scrap Export Albeit Demand for Tailor 
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  • Date 2024.02.29 23:02
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Australin steel scrap export surged last year recovering 2.0 million tons in two years, which was counter the claims to regulate the steel scrap export filed by the steel industry early last year. According to the trade statistics released out in Australia, the steel scrap export totaled 2.05 million tons last year surging 18.3 percent, although dropped 3.1 percent in the first half of the year. The second half of the year scrap export headed into India contributed to the overall export improvement the statistics pointed out. By destination, export destined for Bangladesh totaled 556,000 tons surging 34.8 percent and into India it was increased sharply by 1627.2 percent to 424,000 tons respectively.

In the same period, shipment headed into Vietnam was back 5.9 percent to 275,000 tons. Australia’s steel scrap export maintained 2.0 million tons around over 5 years till 2021 had cut to 1.73 million tons level in 2022 on the crashed shipment headed Vietnam which totaled 275,000 tons. Australia Steel Institute had asked for the Government to again regulate the steel scrap export when it comes to the unprocessed scrap grade early last year from the point of view to protect the environment. This led to the steel scrap grades restricting export including raw scrap, obsolete scrap, shelves scrap, and processed scrap. This means that about 40 percent or 800,000 tons steel scrap of Australia’s entire steel scrap export of 2.0 million tons a year is suggested to deliver to domestic market. 

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