S&M News Weekly Price Trend: 3rd week of July (Raw Materials and Semi-finished)
S&M News Weekly Price Trend: 3rd week of July (Raw Materials and Semi-finished)
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  • Date 2021.07.19 15:40
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Slab(Standard) - Domestic: POSCO-delivery, Import 1: China-origin SS400, Import 2: China-origin S35C (All prices Thousand Won/ton)

Ferro-alloy(Si-Mn) - Domestic: 6516(Thousand Won/ton), Import 1: China-origin 6517 fob($/ton), Import 2: India-origin 6515 cif($/ton)

Billet(Standard) - Domestic: Suppliers-offer(Thousand Won/ton), Import 1: Turkish origin($/ton), Import 2: CIS exports($/ton)

Scrap - Ferrous scrap for steel making, based on arrival at the 1st vendor yard(Thousand Won/ton), Import 1: Japan-origin H2 fob($/ton), import 2: America-origin HMS No.1 cfr($/ton)

Ferro-alloy(Fe-Mn) - Domestic: HC 73(Thousand won/ton), Import 1: China-origin 75 fob($/ton), Import 2: India-origin 75 fob($/ton)

Pig iron - Domestic: POSCO-delivered to Casting Cooperatives(Thousand won/ton)), Import 1: Russia-origin fob Black Sea port($/ton), Import 2: Brazil-origin fob pont de materia($/ton)

Note: Prices and other information above have been obtained by S&M News on the weekly basis from various sources believed to be reliableS&M News Weekly Price Trend: 3nd week of January (Raw Materials and Semi-finished)

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